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Consumer Advisory Council

The purposes of the Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) is to provide quality management oversight and to review clinical procedures and processes for Valley Mental Health

The Consumer Advisory Council consists of:

  • Past or present consumers of services (21 and over) from Valley Mental Health
  • Past or present consumers of mental health services (21 and over) in Marion and/or Polk County
  • Program Manager of Valley Mental Health

Duties of the CAC include:

  1. Review incident reports, emergency safety intervention documentation, grievances and other documentation as applicable;
  2. Recommend policy and operational changes necessary to be inclusive of consumer values;
  3. Conduct annual site reviews of VMH clinicians offices
  4. Report on CAC initiatives and findings to the Quality Management Council
  5. Review Quality Improvement Plan
  6. Other duties as identified by the CAC representatives to maintain the quality of services of Valley Mental Health.
  7. Other duties as identified by the Program Manager or Executive Director