We at Salem Psychiatric Associates and Valley Mental Health want you to be aware of your rights as a client of a provider certified by the Oregon Mental Health and Developmental Disability Services Division.
We want you to be satisfied with our services.

1. You have the right to be treated with respect and dignity in a humane service environment that affords reasonable protection from harm and affords reasonable privacy.

2. You have the right to be provided services in a setting under conditions that are least restrictive to your liberty, that are least intrusive to you and tat provide for the greatest degree of independence.

3. You have the right to receive no services without informed voluntary consent except as permitted by law.

4. You have the right participate and to have other persons of your choice participate in the planning and provision of services with your consent.

5. You have the right to refuse services, including any specific procedure without suffering punitive consequences. If adverse consequences are expected to result from such refusal, that fact must be explained verbally to you and if appropriate, to your guardian.

6. You have the right to not be involuntarily terminated or transferred from services without prior notice, notification of available sources of necessary continued services and exercise of a grievance procedure.

7. You have the right to communicate privately with any public or private rights protection program or rights advocate.

8. You have the right to execute a declaration of mental health treatment.

9. You, and your guardian, if appropriate, have the right to be informed in writing of any fees that may be charged.

10. No person will be denied treatment or discriminated against on the basis of age except in cases where program criteria for service or staff skill restrict the service to specific age groups.

11. Treatment provided is non-discriminatory and sensitive to differences of race, color, creed, sex, handicap, national origin or duration of residence.

12. You have the right to lodge a grievance if you feel any of these rights have been violated.