• If you have an immediate emergency contact 911 or the Psychiatric Crisis Center at 503-585-4949 or their website here.
  • Contact your therapist.
    On your first appointment you will be given written information about how to contact your therapist in an emergency. If an emergency occurs after office hours, the message on the Valley Mental Health answering machine will give you instructions about how to contact someone for help.
  • Where is the Psychiatric Crisis Center?
    The Psychiatric Crisis Center is located at 1049 Oak Street SE, just east of Salem Hospital. The Psychiatric Crisis Center is staffed 24 hours a day every day. If you are going there in person, here is a map of the location.

Our medication clinic appointments start at 7:30AM until 4:30PM. The clinic phone hours are from 8:30AM to 4:00PM.

Most of the therapists in VMH keep their own schedules, offering a range of hours including evenings and Saturdays. After hours, a qualified professional is always on call to handle emergencies.

You can go here and find a map on our website. Valley Mental Health clinicians work in a variety of convenient locations in and around Salem, Oregon. The main administrative offices of VMH are located at 821 Saginaw Street S in Salem, on the southwest corner of Mission and Saginaw Streets, half a mile south of downtown.

If location is an important factor in your choice of mental health services, you may request a clinician in your area when you request services. Call our Intake department at 503-589-4046.

Contact our main office at 503-589-4046 or through our website and we will match you with the clinician that meets your needs.

You do not need a referral to request services from Valley Mental Health. Once in services, your team will work closely with your medical provider to coordinate all of your health and care needs.

You can find all the forms you will need on our forms page. You may also email our intake department at intake@valleymental.com to complete enrollment paperwork. The Intake Team will make sure your completed paperwork gets forwarded to your assigned therapist.

Required forms:

  • Intake form (medical and personal history)
  • Release of information form
  • HIPAA form

VMH primarily serves clients with Medicaid insurance. We will work directly with the  PacificSource to confirm your coverage. If you have any questions about coverage please contact our Intake department at 503-589-4046.

We know that finding the right provider or therapist is the first step in the process. Please request specific areas of treatment that you are interested in at the time that you request services.  Our helpful Intake Team can guide you through the process using these considerations:

  • Age: Some therapists see only certain age groups.
  • Specialties: If alcohol or drug use is a factor, a therapist who is also trained in addiction counseling is a wise choice.

Please request Prescription Refills with your prescriber during your scheduled appointment. If you need a refill before your next scheduled appointment, call your pharmacy at least four days before your medications run out. Even if you have no refills remaining, it is best to call your pharmacy. If a prescriber’s approval is needed for your prescription to be refilled, your pharmacist will call or fax us.

Schedule II medications are closely monitored. Federal law requires that certain medications need a new, original prescription, written by your prescriber each time the medication is dispensed. It is not possible to have these prescriptions with refills.

If you are requesting refill of a prescription for a schedule II medication, please leave your prescriber a voice mail with the following information:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Prescription number
  • Name of the medication
  • Whether it is immediate release or timed release
  • Strength of the tablets or capsules
  • How many you take per day.

Unless you need to come in for an evaluation, you can expect a call back within 48 hours.